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February 2013

BETA SYSTEM LAUNCHED. We have created '20 Daily Vermont Links' page which is run directly off of our main system. It does nothing more than show 20 various Vermont sites, and updates automatically once per day.

November 2012

PHASE I LAYOUT. Very basic layout for the Phase I created and approved.

September 2012

BACK FROM SEPTEMBER BREAK. Continuing to gather data, preparing for a limited release of an intermediate test site.

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July 2012

Data gathering continues at a sensible pace. We are working to compile initial batch of data for the directory.

It's a semi-manual process, mostly because our primary objective is the quality of IndexVT. Once the first wave of data is in, we will open the door and invite every Vermont group, organization, business, with or without a web site, into the index.

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June 2012

SSL secure access is now in place! This was the last building block to insure secure user authentication.

It is interesting to note that even such a relatively small and in the grand scheme of things unimportant directory that the old IndexVermont was back in 1996 through the early 2000s, we were absolutely flooded with spammers, scammers, fake submissions, and similar.

For every genuine interaction with user or web site submission to the index there were 30 or 40 attempts to subvert the rules or to take advantage of the system. This is a never ending battle, the truth is we were a lot more naive then.

May 2012

Preliminary logo for the Phase I has been created and will be let out soon. Things are moving along picking up steam.

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